Square Picnic Shelters

Picnic shelters in a 4-sided design are available in many models. For the structure and the roof, you can choose from steel or wood. They’re full commercial grade, built to the needs of your park and recreation area, building, or other facilities. Whatever your needs are, our picnic shelters have got you covered. More information is available below. If you have any questions, just phone us toll free today to speak with a recreation specialist.

square picnic shelters
This majestic 2-tiered square shelter offers additional ventilation in the roof. The spacing created by the additional tier promotes the flow of fresh air, if food preparation or grilling is occurring. It also promotes the dispersion of noise (from performing groups, for example).
Picnic Shelters :: Steel Square Models
Available with roofs with a single tier, double tier, or triple tier.
picnic shelters squareSingle Tier
Square Hip Shelter
square picnic sheltersDouble Tier
Square Hip Shelter
picnic shelters square tripleTriple Tier
Square Hip Shelter

Double- and Triple-Tier Square Picnic Shelters
Pricing is not available online. Please phone us for prices.

Picnic Shelters :: Square Wooden Models
Available in a 4-post design or
multi-post gable design.
Steel Post Models
with Fabric Canopies
picnic shelters square woodWooden Square,
4-Post Design
wooden square picnic sheltersWooden Square,
Multi-Post Gable
square picnic sheltersSquare Steel Shelters
With Fabric Canopies

Wooden Square Design :: Pricing
Pricing not available online. Please phone us for prices.