Picnic Shelter Installation In Virginia

picnic shelter installation in virginia

Our company provides installation services for picnic shelters across the State of Virginia. Building one of these structures requires a professional, experienced construction crew, and that’s exactly what we bring to your project. Our company has built large, permanent shade structures for various clients, including schools and swimming pools.

If you’re considering buying and installing a picnic shelter, please don’t feel like you have to be an existing client to consult our company. Just phone us toll free with any questions you might have, and we’re happy to talk with you. Our helpful, experienced sales staff can help you with options, specifications, and installation advice.

General Installation Procedures

For installing a picnic shelter, here are the basic steps in the construction process:

  • grading the area, if needed
  • building the concrete base
  • installing the vertical posts
  • attaching the roof

Construction of this type is always preceded by extensive planning with the client and consultation with Miss Utility of Virginia and relevant municipal bodies.

Some Considerations to Contemplate

virginia picnic shelter installationHere are some of the factors that will determine what type of picnic shelter you need for your outdoor area:

  • the size of the area you’d like to cover
  • the number of people you’d like to accommodate
  • the amount of room (length, width, height) available for the shelter
  • the type of activities you’d like to happen in the shelter (our larger shelters can cover an entire basketball court or sports area)

Within each of these steps, there are many smaller tasks. Each one can carry their own complications. So, for an educated, professional consultation about installing a picnic shelter in Virginia — or even just a conversation about any random questions you might have — just phone us today toll free. Our helpful employees are here to help with anything you might need that deals with picnic shelters.